Day 5-Reality Shows

Reality shows aren’t what most people think they are. Almost 70 percent of girls think that fighting is part of a normal relationship because of reality shows according to a survey. Now in order to stay popular the tv shows have to do things out of the ordinary. I don’t watch tv reality shows because of these exact reasons. I think the shows are really dumb and I always wonder how they still manage to be on tv.

Day 4-Drug Testing

I agree with the idea of drug testing kids in grades 7-12 that play in sports. It would prevent kids from cheating in sports and preventing drugs which can lead to very bad things. Survey’s show that kids are starting to use drugs earlier and as early as seventh grade. Preventing drugs can even prevent death, since drugs and alchohol can affect your way of thinking. I wouldn’t want to play a game of basketball that does drugs!

Day 3- Drinking at a Young Age

Drinking at a young age can lead to many many problems. It affects the way you think, and the way you think affects everything from driving to school to relationships. Estimates show that 5000 people die under the age of 21 from alcohol related injuries. Drinking young isn’t just deadly, it’s against the law. I myself don’t drink and never will, because I have seen some of the results of drinking in general, even though I’ve never seen underage drinking.

Day 2- Eating Disorders

I think eating disorders are horrible, as it can ruin people’s lives. Its a good thing that most girls are aware of eating disorders because they are ten times more likely to develop an eating disorder than guys when they are 15. I myself as a guy try to eat good and get plenty of exercise, and eating past seven can contribute to eating disorders too. Plus I hope we all know that eating at McDonalds isn’t good at all and there is problably a 100% chance of getting a eating disorder there. I think we should all stay away from eating too much and especially girls.

Day 1

This is day one of health topics. I guess I don’t mind blogs, but they can get boring if they aren’t talking about a good topic. There are so many things to talk about, so its more personal preference. Topics to talk about such as sports, video games, work, the dentists office, whatever.  Im more for sports, especially baseball. Baseball is the best sport in my opinion, and the Tigers are my home team. This year they completely bombed the series, losing four games in a row against the Giants. Well, this is day one and thats it,